Basic Terms And Conditions

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Basic  Terms And Conditions
no commercial rights at all
video games,movies,tv,radio and such
distribute 2500 copies
up 200k youtube views
live performance
12 month license duration
the beat or beats you have lease
at this time you don’t have no rights to the beat/beats you have lease you could not add additional instruments to the beats you have lease please respect and follow the rules that have been apply to this leasing agreement by breaking the agree meant will lead to court and legal problems in the future
you will receive an official document with the beat you leased
stating every thing here and more

If you go over you selling limit you most redo
Your leasing for the amount you pay and if your leasing expires and you want to keep using the beat you have to repay what u pay for leasing it
There are no returns and all sales are final
We will keep it note when you bought the beat and when you leasing ends